Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Eyes of Grace

Its been almost 6 years since I knew Kak Zubye the founder of Eyes of Grace and since then she never failed to deliver her best service ever. Here I present to U my not-so-recent photoshoot at her studio. Luv to hire her? please visit :)

Thanks Kak Zubye.. luv luv luv ur masterpiece.. always!!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

TM Government Annual Dinner 2013

I guess I just leave the photos to u guys :) . It's just a normal company dinner and the theme was "Be Different, Look Different". So I came out with an idea to wear Abaya and Niqab.. simple :). And yes I did my make up myself and also for my 4 other colleagues.. I just love playing with makeup!! Enjoy!!

Me, Myself & I :) . It good to wear Niqab actually.. insyaAllah one day I will :)

With pretty lady Fyruz.. I did her make up!! She asked for a light make up so here goes nude natural make up :)

Our CEO performing that night and he was good!!
U can witness it urself.. he's one cool CEO!!

With my sweet Kak Lin..(I did her make up too!!) We won Colleague of the year Award!! hahahha if there's such award lah!!
My 5 minutes eye makeup since all my time I prepared make up for my 4 other colleagues so all I had was 5 minutes to prepare but luckily I wear Niqab so I just need to stress on my eyes!! Yeay!!
Our department Defense Security Aviation and Maritime won Best Sector of the Year!!! Bravo to the team!! Let's take the challenge and prove them that we will conquer this Award for more years to come!! Ahaks!!

Together with the team but some already gone!!
The Iron Ladies behind the Best Team!!
With our sporting GM!

I did Kak Nieta make up too (the one in pink dress).. I love her sweet dress!!

Lastly with my Adik-adik.. Ain & Fyruz.. Luv that skinny Ain!!! Cepat buy one for me!!

That's all folks!!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Disclaimer: This is not me saying that I'm gorgeous ya.. don't miss understood.. i'm just giving tips on how to get gorgeous coz I know.. every women love being gorgeous.. u don't have to be drop dead beautiful to be gorgeous.. just be yourself :)

Getting gorgeous doesn’t have to take hours. We know it can, but really, who has time to pile on makeup when there’s coffee to drink, outfits to put together and things to get done?

Save TIME and look FAB in a snap with these TRICKS!!

1. Drink more WATER!!

Are you getting enough H2O? If not, your skin could look dull and sallow. The remedy is simple: Drink more water. Keep a reusable bottle at your desk so you remember to sip regularly, and trade one of your daily coffees or sodas for herbal tea. Remember, if you feel thirsty, you’re likely already dehydrated.

2. Add some SHIMMER!!

Adding a touch of shimmer (using a highlighting product) to the inner corners of your eyes, cheekbones and brow bone can do wonders to give you a quick beauty boost. The slight shimmer has an almost-optical illusion effect that helps hide the stress of the day.

3. Refresh with a SPRITZ!!

Refresh your makeup or just wake up your skin in an instant with a mist of spray toner. They come in a wide variety of formulations, so choose the one that offers the beauty benefits you want (hydration, antioxidants, etc.). A little spritz can go a long way in breathing new life into your makeup.

4. Get more SLEEP!!!

We know, it’s easier said than done, but if you feel tired you likely look tired, too. Aim to get to bed 30 minutes earlier each night (or an hour if you can swing it), and avoid doing anything stressful before you hit the sack. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing — it’s restorative to your whole body and being well-rested means a much healthier complexion.

5. De-PUFF!!

Stash an eye roller in your purse or desk to instantly de-puff and refresh your peepers. These products are also cooling, which will help you look more alert. Try some eye product which will give some smoothes and brightens effect at the eye area, while minimizing dark circles.

6. Improve your POSTURE!!!

Your mother was right when she told you not to slouch. By standing up straight you’ll not only look more confident, your clothes will hang better and your circulation will be improved, meaning an all-over body and face improvement.

Try PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL for the whole great package.. looking GORGEOUS and HEALTHY at the same time!!

Looking GREAT just like Kim Kardashian!! Great Posture isn't it??

7. Open up your EYES!!

Mascara is a girl’s best friend when it comes to looking better in a snap. Seriously, if every other product was taken from our makeup bag, we’d survive with only mascara to enhance our look. Curl your lashes to further lengthen them and do a double coat of mascara to really make your eyes pop.

8. Put on some LIPSTICK!!

Feeling a bit blah? Fix it fast with a swipe of your favorite lipstick. We suggest red for a mega-watt beauty boost, but if that’s a bit outside your comfort zone, choose a more pinkish hue.

Source: SheKnowsBeauty&Style
Image: Google



Coz everyone is GORGEOUS just the way we are!!!